Windows’ Hidden Font Improvement

I just found out about ClearType fonts thanks to Download Squad. I’m still debating whether I like them or not. They took me a few hours to get used to. Every time I looked away from my computer, I would come back and feel like my eyes were unfocused. But that blurry effect seems to have gone away and the fonts do look pretty and somehow thicker so I’m thinking I’ll stay with them. I guess they’re not all that hidden but funny how you can go years on a operating system and not know something so basic. Anyway, if you want to try on your computer go to the Display Control Panel. Click on the Appearance tab and click the Effects… button. Then select ClearType from the drop down under “Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts:”. You can also find out more about it and see examples at Microsoft’s ClearType Tuner.

How to turn on ClearType fonts in XP