Interesting Links (08-02-28)

There things sure are easy and kind of fun to put together so I’ll try another one.

Camera Tips from an Engineer
I’ve been wondering if companies (and consumers) have been concentrating too much on megapixels. This engineer thinks yes.
Explorer 1
It was the 50th anniversary of the US’s first satellite. I didn’t know they sent a Geiger counter up in it.
Happy Face on Mars
Not a whole lot more to it just a pretty cute picture.
Asteroid Almost Hits Mars
An asteroid almost hit Mars but didn’t. Now we don’t know where it is (although this was expected).
More Mercury Images
Some new pictures from the MESSENGER flyby. I especially like the annotated image to help out people (like me) that can never seem to find what people are talking about.
Henry Rollins on Evolution
Nice to see the Liar Liar guy seems to have his head on straight.
18′ Shark Surprise
Pretty cool video of a big six-gill shark.
Potential Presidential Science Debate
Sounds like a good idea and it’d be in Philadelphia so maybe I could go.
Evolving Virtual Creatures
Interesting examples of applying evolution to create virtual creatures that fulfill tasks like fast movement, grabbing a ball and fighting each other.