Darwin du Jour

I’ve been meaning to read Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species for quite a while. Unfortunately, I’m always busy. I came across The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci RSS which seemed nice although it’s a little unfulfilling to read a sketchbook in plain text. This got me thinking that that would be a nice way to read other books. Project Gutenberg has Origin of the Species (and many other books) available for free download. I thought converting this text into RSS might provide a nice way to read books a bit at a time. Since I just got the fancy new sherrillmix.com domain name I thought I could practice a little php and make something useful for myself and possibly for others. So if you’ve never read The Origin of Species and want to have an educational RSS feed please visit Darwin du Jour.

Please leave any comments, questions, or any typos you find in the comments below.